About Us

  • HealthyReturn is a COVID-19 consultancy providing a complete back-to-work testing program and clinical guidance. We support senior leadership teams in the UK private sector planning how to get employees safely back to work and manage this significant new challenge.
  • Our ethos is to focus only on best medical practice and the most up to date available evidence in a fast moving environment with new information and changing Government advice arriving on a daily basis.
  • We understand that different types and sizes of companies will have different requirements, and risk profiles around legal liability, shareholder risk or reputational risk.
  • Healthy Return is offering a gold standard testing and screening program that is now available for UK companies.
  • It’s designed to guide employers and their staff at every stage, providing a full education programme and clear procedures to follow, underpinned with support from trained clinicians, in person, or by video consultation.

Healthy Return is offering a clinically guided back to work programme that has been developed by leading medical clinicians at GPDQ, a CQC Registered Practice.

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