The Healthy Return Approach

Getting your employees back to work with confidence

The Employee Testing & Clinical Support Programme for Covid-19

The programme has been created in response to the coronavirus pandemic by medical professionals at our clinical partner GPDQ.

The five-step programme gives employers the data, evidence and legal assurance they need to confidently strategise risk and identify and deliver a successful return to work plan that is clinically safe.

1 Gather Data & Testing

Employee questionnaire

Completed online at home then individually reviewed by a GP

GP teleconsultation

Employee is emailed their results accompanied by GP consultation/p>

PCR swab and Abbott antibody tests (optional extra)

Checks for current and previous infection and are self-administered at home and analysed in leading laboratory

2 Risk Stratification

The data and testing information is collated and analysed to give an individual score for each employee. This information is used to enable you to deliver a healthy phased return for employees.

This will enable you to categorise employees as follows:

  • Employee is low risk
  • Employee is medium risk
  • Employee is high risk

3 Proactive Ongoing Workplace Measures*

Individual advice

Including follow up consultations with GP where necessary

Practical workplace advice

Physical workplace adaptation, PPE, daily temperature checks, mental and physical health support

Group education

Video seminar to educate employees on the symptoms, risks and actions to take should they experience Coronavirus symptoms (including when it’s necessary to retest)

Post leave check-in

Questionnaire to re-ascertain risk level post leave from the office (be it for the weekend, a break in shift pattern or holiday)

4 Test and Trace Action Plan*

If an employee recognises that they may be suffering with symptoms they must immediately leave the workplace and check in with our GP

The GP will assess their symptoms and organise for a PCR swab test to be sent to their home

The results will be returned in 24 hours; if negative they can return to work, if positive they must self-isolate and can access GP support if necessary

The employee must inform the employer of who in the workplace they have been in physical contact with to enable them to be retested even if they are asymptomatic (advice will be provided for contact outside of the workplace)

5 Vaccinate*

Begins once vaccine is available

Prioritise at risk employees before full roll out

Return To Work Activity

The workflow sequence happens as follows:

  1. All employees who participate in the program are invited to complete an online health assessment which takes approximately 10 minutes.
  2. A Covid-19 PCR swab test and/or Abbott antibody test delivered to employee home. This is completed and sent back via post to be processed at our accredited UK lab. {OPTIONAL EXTRA}
  3. The data from the online assessment {and lab tests} for each individual employee are assessed and categorised by a GP
  4. Results are shared with the employee with a GP teleconsultation
  5. A clinical advisory report summarising the results is then presented to the employer. This data is used to reveal low / med / high risk groups and other company-wide health issues

Ongoing Support from GPDQ

The Healthy Return programme can also provide ongoing support throughout the back to work journey*:

  • To reduce risk of infection, Healthy Return delivers an employee education programme on how to reduce the spread of the virus, as well as how to identify coronavirus symptoms, and what to do should they feel unwell.
  • Once back at work, Healthy Return will deliver a dedicated workplace test and trace programme which will quickly test those with symptoms and alert those who have been in close contact to isolate for the recommended time. GPs are on call for all employees during this time.
  • A GP-on-demand service is available seven days a week for employees to book, to avoid any delays that may occur should they need to wait to get an appointment with their own NHS GP.

* = additional charges may apply


We’ve combined The Programme with the most regular COVID-19 testing requests into packages for convenience. All packages include a GP Tele-consult.

  • Clinical Support Programme £99 per/employee
  • Clinical Support Programme + Abbott Antibody test £179 per/employee
  • Clinical Support Programme + PCR swab test £229 per/employee
  • Clinical Support Programme + Abbott Antibody + PCR swab test £279 per/employee
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